2 Piece Lock Ring System

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Tuff Two Piece Lock Ring System brings together a range of Equipment and Tooling, Engineered to deliver increased efficiency and SAFER work environments.
Whether USING, or looking to INTRODUCE Two-Piece Lock rings, the addition of the Tuff Limiter Clamps creates both stable handling with easy lifting and positioning of the Lock Ring particularly when combined with Tuff  “Lock n Lift” handles.
FROM initial storage, assembly and transporting of Lock Rings around the Tyre Pad, Tuff  have it covered with a unique, easy to access Lock Ring Storage Rack and the SAFE SYSTEM Lock Ring Trolley and Loading Tower.

2 Piece Lock Ring System Rack2 Piece Lock Ring System Trolley
2 Piece Lock Ring System2 Piece Lock Ring System

2 Piece Lock Ring System Handles

Tuff – Products are Designed and Manufactured in Australia